Alizz Deepworld

Munich, Germany
Electronic Music
Hip-Hop & Rap Music
Pop Music & Charts
Oldies & Vintage Music
Heart, P1, Cortiina Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Roomers Hotel, Charles Hotel, Koi Restaurant, Käfer Restaurant uvm
Music is part of us, part of our soul. Music IS us in a certain way. The word „person“ comes from the Latin word „personare“ which means „to sound“.
So we ARE sounds and consequently music. ALIZZ. lets her soul speak by expressing herself through music.
In her young years she started to become a DJane while studying Medicine and travelled all over the world to learn from a lot of different DJs which ever since help her to create her own style.
People have different ways of expressing their deeper self and ALIZZ.’s way is definitely music. Soon she started playing in five-star hotelbars and first-class cocktailbars in Munich that appreciate her creating a perfect atmosphere to each event or night. This is also the special thing about her playing at your event: No matter if you party in your private apartment or book any kind of place, ALIZZ. will find a way to let it be an unforgettable night for you and all your guests.

What her music does is to make you feel and live HERE AND NOW. And that is all that matters. ALIZZ.’s Music always helps you to stay in touch with YOURSELF and remembers you of important things in live: Spreading LOVE is SOUL healing. Be thankful for your life and each breathe you can take, for your work in which you should be able to express yourself, for your relationships that are based on loyalty and for all your LOVE that is inside and consequently outside of you. In these days ALIZZ. travels a lot around the world while studying Medicine and writing on her Ph.D.
Get in touch with her and talk about your preferences of music and style and she will find the perfect playlists for your perfect night.
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